University Solution, Inc. (DBA USI Networks) was originally established in 1997 to gratify on the rising computing needs of he University of California, Berkeley. We combine our rich heritage with a forward-looking approach in order to meet the needs of today’s customers. Our goal is to exceed our customers’ expectations by retaining their trust and by standing out from the crowd through our professionalism and customer-centred approach. Everything we do is aimed at supporting our customers and helping them to achieve more. We believe this ambition is the essence of professional relationship.

Growth & Performance

Over the past seventeen years the company repeatedly outgrew its location. Each time, we moved to a larger facility in a more ideal location. Our latest move has been the most exhilarating - in February of 2008, we moved to Bayside Technology Park in Fremont, California. Our current shared warehouse and office environment gives us nearly 10,000 square feet to work in. Roughly one third of our current space is dedicated to offices where we handle company administration and customer service. Inventory, shipping, production, and testing are located in the rear warehouse space.

Entering our front door, you step into our office where we are innovating IT. We maintain a relaxed, positive, and clean environment here at USI Networks. Our Assembly, Laboratory and Testing space are no different!  

Client Relationship

Our philosophy has a very strong foundation built on integrity and innovation: Building high quality trust and offering outstanding support to all clients are the two prime objectives of every individual here at USI Network.  

Our Business Development Managers you talk to on a regular basis are well qualified and in most cases have over 10 years of IT industry experience and many of them repeatedly achieved high excellence awards from companies like, Apple, IBM, HP, Xerox, Cisco, Lenovo, Dell, Juniper Networks and Microsoft. It all ties back to our core philosophy that the best way to run a business is to focus on innovating IT. 

We work with consumer-facing companies to transform their IT into into strategic business assets. Our cloud-based solutions is the only solution that improves business performance through statistical analytics that draw out insights which are then used to drive global management and control of interactions. 


USI Networks's solutions are ideally suited for B2B and B2C companies in industries such as retail, communications and media services, consumer financial services, hospitality and travel, as well as business process outsourcers (BPOs), where sales, customer experience and customer retention are critical.

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