We've partnered with more than 3,000 hardware and software manufacturers and publishers and we continue to build relationships with a number of new, emergent IT partners in our portfolio. These partnerships allow us to recommend the absolute best IT products for your needs, not just what’s available.


We currently maintain both on-hand, virtual and client-owned inventory. That means that we can ship quickly and even store your IT products until you’re ready for deployment if that helps your business and solves a problem for you. Our dedicated Distribution Center means your solution is working for you as soon as possible.


Of course, a comprehensive IT product lineup is only as good as the services surrounding them and the IT solutions they create. If the solution isn’t right, then it really doesn’t matter how quickly it’s executed.

USI's IT products benefit from our portfolio of integration and customization services that will:
  • Reduce onsite configuration time with plug-and-play IT solutions
  • Decrease your deployment and rollout costs
  • Simplify multi-vendor deployments
These fully-integrated hardware and software solutions are crafted within our ISO certified Integration Lab, running 24 hours a day, five days a week. And our Custom Configuration Lab has the capability to format massive IT client systems a day.

The more you learn about USI products, the more you’ll know we’re the right IT partner for you.

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