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 USI helps you identify the strengths of your business and gives you the tools to continuously improve

Now more than ever it's critical for every business to have an IT solutions partner who can help them accomplish more  of their IT goals, achieve new efficiencies and realize cost saving every step of the way. Whether a company needs fast access to essential technologies or the support of technical experts for the strategic planning and deployment of solutions, USI can help .


  • Deploy infrastructure quickly
  • Acquire best in industry support
  • Realize cost savings
  • Access top business consultancy 
  • Improve efficiency throughout

“As a cutting edge IT company, USI's unique model combines an array
of advance services and expert technical resources with far-reaching
supply chain to provide your business the level of solution support it needs.”

Shoaib Siddiqi, Sr. Vice President, USI Networks

Storage Solutions

We brings best of the breed storage solutions through our elite technology partners and provide storage experts to assess your needs and then design, integrate, support a solution which fits your requirements. Our solutions team uses its expertise to provide independent multi-vendor DAS , NAS and SAN solutions for our Enterprise SMB Customers. 

USI collects all the operational and business data your organization creates and correlates it to business outcomes—both positive and negative. Finally, for the first time, you can see what solution drives your business success.

Network Management

In our exponentially growing virtual world, the need to effectively manage control Network environment anytime and anywhere has become a requirement for organizations of all sizes. IT resources are finite, forcing businesses to optimize them while maximizing productivity and efficiency.

As business develop, their networks must grow with certain priorities in mind: core efficiency, vigilant security and the ability to go wireless and mobile. Our network management helps you unify business network, maximize security and efficiency, and positions it to embrace new strategies, like BYOD and CYOD

Security Solutions

We offer a premier line of diverse networking security products. USI understands the complexity of new regulatory acts and how they affect businesses. We help our customers with security audits to access their risks can then help them design implement security solutions with Best of Breed technologies backed by professional.

The era of mobility makes securing data more challenging – and more critical – than ever. Our data protection team takes it into a multi level approach: 1) Securing people and personal devices, so information isn’t vulnerable as it becomes mobile; 2) Ensuring business security and compliance, so organizations safely hold information and adhere to industry regulations; and 3) Information availability, because protection also means guarding accessibility to authorized users

Enterprise Software

USI has helped clients plan, implement manage multi-vendor, industry-standard computing environments for the last 17 years. We have established a solid reputation for wrapping valuable deployment, migration, management support services around the procurement of software.

Productivity means working from your business’ core—establishing and aligning basic platforms and infrastructure—all the way out to an efficient end user experience. Our solutions work from both ends of your organization, using our best-in-class technology partnerships and certified service expertise to create a fluid, efficient whole.

Build-to-order Systems

USI Networks have been configuring all kind of Desktops, Servers and Notebooks with industry standard components like Intel, AMD, Microsoft, Supermicro, ASUS, ATI, 3Com, Lenovo and all others our client’s request.

Our Build-to-order systems are designed and built specifically to suit the needs and wants of a particular customer. These systems exploit the modular nature of PC components to allow the exact configuration our customer wants to be assembled. The biggest advantage of using USI Networks build-to-order PC is quality, quick turn around and industry standard support.

USI Networks build-to-order PC department offers personal consulting and support that is becoming quite rare in the industry. It is our goal to provide our clients with the information they need to make a good buying decision, the support they need for a great computing experience, and the quality computer.

Support & Services

Technical support services provided by USI Networks solves problems in technical areas faced by customers of our clients for mission-critical IT products. We extend technical support services for computer hardware, software, storage, networks, applications, peripherals and internet infrastructure,

USI Networks leverages its advanced infrastructure and its extensive IT and technology expertise to offers its technical support outsourcing services. We blend our Helpdesk seamlessly with the front-end CRM system of the client, to deliver services as a team. Our technical support options include service provisioning, and 24x7 support via multiple channels including voice, email and web in addition to customized support portals. We not only reduce your costs but also help you sustain high customer satisfaction levels.

CRM Management

Confused with all the technology companies pressing you to buy their Ultimate CRM Product? We at USI keep things simple. We are not here to sell you anything. With our expertise spreading over 14 years in CRM we will sit with you and understand your customer relationship requirements.  

Suggest how you can bring improvement by changing your processes, if required advise on what process can be out sourced, bring cost effective third party solutions and let you reap benefits of extraordinary customer relationships by empowering every person in the organization.

Our relationship can be as your 24/7 consultant, or as your provider of CRM platform through in-house development or deployment of leading CRM solutions in the market.

Digital Services

USI provides Strategy, Web Assets, Social and Digital Marketing services to its clients. A unique portfolio to manage. By keeping our hand on the pulse of people that make our break our brands, we provide strategies based on key insights, across all your channels. From media buying strategy to post campaign analysis. We'll manage your campaigns from every aspect across all platforms be it digital, social or mobile.

Engaging social brands talk with, listen to and stay closer to its users by sharing experiences and delivering value. We spark communication between brands and people that develops a longer and deeper relationship. We will deliver on what it takes to maximize your customer leads, their conversions, retention and loyalty by maximizing potential reach and social audience. 

By freeing you from digital worries we'll deliver on your KSI's, KPI's and revenue generation targets to ensure your business is getting return on its investments

Custom Web Design

Interactive, engaging and appealing web designs which help you create brand awareness and promotion, recognition and identity, achieve customer engagement and brand loyalty for longer time period.

  • Interactive Web 3.0 Designs
  • Mobile Versions
  • Easy-To-Use CMS
  • Social Media Integration
  • SEO Coding Standards
  • Fast Turnaround
  • Custom & Popular Plugins
  • FREE software applications

Custom Web Development

Cutting edge solutions for custom web-based software, business process translation into web-based applications and startups.

  • Bespoke cutting edge solutions
  • Ground up development from scratch
  • Expert teams
  • Experienced developers
  • Support for a wide variety of technologies
  • Out of the box techniques
  • Satisfaction guaranteed

Enterprise Software Applications

A software increases your business productivity and creates efficiency by streamlining your work processes. It also creates transparency giving you complete control of your work. Reporting and statistics help you further improve by providing you with numbers for analysis. We have various software solutions available on subscription. Some of them include:

  • Apartment & Building Management System
  • Time and Attendance Software
  • Customer Management Software
  • Contract Management System
  • Client Communication Management
  • Lead Management System
  • School Fees Collection Software
  • Information Sharing Software
  • Online Password Manager
  • App Builder
  • Product Management

We also offer bespoke software development solutions.

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